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Panasonic CGA-D54S / CGR-D54S PRO battery 7800 mAh

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A powerful battery suitable NV-MX5, NV-MX500, NV-MX5000 and others.

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CGA-D54S / CGR-D54S is a lithium-ion battery analogue for Panasonic cameras with a full information chip that shows the exact battery life on the display. It can also be charged with both the original and the analogue charger. Although the battery is analogue, it fully meets the manufacturer's requirements. It has a higher capacity compared to the original, and a higher capacity means more shots or minutes of filming. It's a reliable source of energy that will never let you miss a moment you want to capture. Don't hesitate, buy this battery from TOP Baterija and you will be pleasantly surprised!



We offer a 24-month warranty, and if you still don't like it, you can return the battery within 30 days by emailing us at and we'll give you your money back without having to fill in any forms.



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