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TOP baterija is an online shop which have been selling batteries and chargers for laptops, cameras and camcorders since 2015. We sell in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. We have a wide range of customers and cooperate with companies, photo and video studios. With more than 500 models available, you will find the right one for you. We do accept individual orders in case you own a rarer model. What makes us stand out is that we have everything on site. Order now and you can have a desired product in your hands today! We are an online-only shop and do not have a physical address. Although we are based in Mažeikiai, we offer FREE shipping by Lithuanian Post! If there is a need, we can agree on delivery details and the product can be shipped to you by same-day bus delivery even to any city. 

Dear Client, once you visit our shop, you probably have some questions.

Why should I buy from you?

We offer analogues that fully comply with manufacturers' requirements. This means that you get a product with the same parameters and functions at 3-4 times the price of the original product. The vast majority of batteries have a larger capacity, which is completely harmless to your device and, most importantly, will make your computer or camera last longer. We also offer free shipping by Lithuanian post, so you can save your precious time and money. We also have everything on site. Order NOW and you won't have to wait any longer for your goods - they're within reach!

Is there a guarantee and what happens if I simply don't like the product?

All products are covered by a 24-month warrantyIf you don't like the product, just email, within 30 days to say you want to return the product and we will refund your money to your account without any questions or complicated forms.

Is it safe to buy?

Paysera takes care of your payment security. You can pay directly using online banking from your bank. No need to set up accounts and worry about whether an error has occurred. Just a few mouse clicks and your purchase is completed! You can also pay in cash in Mažeikiai by arranging meeting time and place in advance.

Are the products of good quality?

Batteries and chargers come directly from the factories. It's no secret that batteries might be harmed by being stored for a long period of time before they reach the buyer. We order frequently in small quantities and, as a result, you can say that the products reach you straight from the factory. Our batteries are much more viable compared to the same products offered by other sellers who buy in large quantities to get lower price and store them for a long time.

Where can I buy?

We are exclusively an online shop and do not have a physical address. You can order online or simply call us. In Mažeikiai it is possible to buy in person, by arranging a meeting beforehand. For your convenience, we offer free shipping by Lithuanian post. We ship to all Lithuanian cities. If you need the item on the same day, we can offer same-day delivery by bus. Ordered goods can reach you same day, regardless of the city you are from!

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