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Sony NP-F970 PRO battery with Micro USB 7800 mAh

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A powerful battery suitable CCD, DCR, GV and others.

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NP-F960 / NP-F970 is a lithium-ion battery analogue for Sony cameras with a full information chip that shows the exact battery life on the display. The battery also has Micro USB. It can also be charged with both the original and the analogue charger. Although the battery is analogue, it fully meets the manufacturer's requirements. It has a higher capacity compared to the original, and a higher capacity means more shots or minutes of filming. It's a reliable source of energy that will never let you miss a moment you want to capture. Don't hesitate, buy this battery from TOP Baterija and you will be pleasantly surprised!



We offer a 24-month warranty, and if you still don't like it, you can return the battery within 30 days by emailing us at and we'll give you your money back without having to fill in any forms.



CCD-RV100 CCD-RV200 CCD-SC5 CCD-SC5/E CCD-SC6 CCD-SC65 CCD-SC7 CCD-SC7/E CCD-SC8/E CCD-SC9 CCD-TR1 CCD-TR11 CCD-TR1100E CCD-TR12 CCD-TR18 CCD-TR18E CCD-TR1E CCD-TR2 CCD-TR200 CCD-TR205 CCD-TR215 CCD-TR2200E CCD-TR2300 CCD-TR2300E CCD-TR280PK CCD-TR290PK CCD-TR3 CCD-TR300 CCD-TR3000 CCD-TR3000E CCD-TR3100E CCD-TR311E CCD-TR315 CCD-TR315E CCD-TR317 CCD-TR3200E CCD-TR3300 CCD-TR3300E CCD-TR411E CCD-TR412E CCD-TR413 CCD-TR414 CCD-TR415E CCD-TR416 CCD-TR417 CCD-TR417E CCD-TR425E CCD-TR427 CCD-TR427E CCD-TR500 CCD-TR511E CCD-TR512E CCD-TR515E CCD-TR516 CCD-TR516E CCD-TR517 CCD-TR57 CCD-TR610 CCD-TR617 CCD-TR617E CCD-TR618 CCD-TR618E CCD-TR640E CCD-TR67 CCD-TR710 CCD-TR713E CCD-TR716 CCD-TR717 CCD-TR717E CCD-TR718 CCD-TR718E CCD-TR728 CCD-TR728E CCD-TR730E CCD-TR76 CCD-TR760E CCD-TR810E CCD-TR818 CCD-TR840E CCD-TR845E CCD-TR87 CCD-TR910 CCD-TR913E CCD-TR917 CCD-TR918 CCD-TR918E CCD-TR930 CCD-TR940 CCD-TR950E CCD-TR97 CCD-TRT97 CCD-TRV15 CCD-TRV16 CCD-TRV16E CCD-TRV201 CCD-TRV215 CCD-TRV25 CCD-TRV26E CCD-TRV27E CCD-TRV3000 CCD-TRV315 CCD-TRV35 CCD-TRV36 CCD-TRV36E CCD-TRV37 CCD-TRV37E CCD-TRV4 CCD-TRV41 CCD-TRV43 CCD-TRV45K CCD-TRV46 CCD-TRV46E CCD-TRV47 CCD-TRV47E CCD-TRV48 CCD-TRV48E CCD-TRV49 CCD-TRV51 CCD-TRV517 CCD-TRV54E CCD-TRV56E CCD-TRV57 CCD-TRV57E CCD-TRV58 CCD-TRV59 CCD-TRV59E CCD-TRV615 CCD-TRV62 CCD-TRV63 CCD-TRV65 CCD-TRV66 CCD-TRV66E CCD-TRV66K CCD-TRV67 CCD-TRV67E CCD-TRV68 CCD-TRV71 CCD-TRV715 CCD-TRV716 CCD-TRV72 CCD-TRV720 CCD-TRV75 CCD-TRV78 CCD-TRV78E CCD-TRV80PK CCD-TRV81 CCD-TRV815 CCD-TRV82 CCD-TRV85 CCD-TRV85K CCD-TRV86PK CCD-TRV87 CCD-TRV87E CCD-TRV88 CCD-TRV90 CCD-TRV91 CCD-TRV92 CCD-TRV93 CCD-TRV930 CCD-TRV940 CCD-TRV94E CCD-TRV95 CCD-TRV95E CCD-TRV95K CCD-TRV98 CCD-TRV98E CCD-TRV99 CVX-V18NS(Nightshot Camers) CVX-V18NSP(Nightshot Camers) DCR-TR7 Series DCR-TR7000 DCR-TR7000E DCR-TR7100E DCR-TR8000 DCR-TR8000E DCR-TR8100 DCR-TR8100E DCR-TRU47E DCR-TRV103 DCR-TRV110 DCR-TRV110E DCR-TRV110K DCR-TRV120 DCR-TRV120E DCR-TRV125 DCR-TRV125E DCR-TRV130 DCR-TRV130E DCR-TRV203 DCR-TRV210 DCR-TRV210E DCR-TRV220K DCR-TRV310 DCR-TRV310E DCR-TRV310K DCR-TRV315 DCR-TRV320 DCR-TRV320E DCR-TRV420 DCR-TRV420E DCR-TRV49E DCR-TRV5 DCR-TRV510 DCR-TRV520 DCR-TRV520E DCR-TRV525 DCR-TRV58E DCR-TRV620 DCR-TRV620E DCR-TRV620K DCR-TRV7 DCR-TRV720 DCR-TRV720E DCR-TRV735K DCR-TRV820 DCR-TRV820E DCR-TRV820K DCR-TRV9 DCR-TRV900 DCR-TRV900E DCR-TRV935K DCR-TV900 DCR-TV900E DCR-VX2000 DCR-VX2000E DCR-VX2001 DCR-VX2100 DCR-VX2100E DCR-VX9 Series DCR-VX9000 DSR-200 DSR-DU1(Video Disk Unit) DSR-PD100 DSR-PD100A DSR-PD100AP DSR-PD150 DSR-PD150P DSR-PD170 DSR-PD170P DSR-PD190P DSR-V10(Video Walkman) DSR-V10P(Video Walkman) EVO-250 (Video Recorder) GV-A100(Video Walkman) GV-A500 GV-A500E GV-A700(Video Walkman) GV-D200(Video Walkman) GV-D300(Video Walkman) GV-D800(Video Walkman) GV-D900(Video Walkman) GV-HD700 GV-HD700E HDR-AX2000E HDR-AX2000H HDR-FX1 HDR-FX1000 HDR-FX1000E HDR-FX1E HDR-FX7 HDR-FX7E HVL-20DW (Video Light) HVL-20DW2(Video Light) HVL-LBPA HVL-ML20 (Marine Light) HVR-DR60 HVR-HD1000E HVR-HD1000U HVR-M10C(videocassette recorder) HVR-M10E(videocassette recorder) HVR-M10N(videocassette recorder) HVR-M10P(videocassette recorder) HVR-M10U(videocassette recorder) HVR-V1E HVR-V1J HVR-V1U HVR-Z1 HVR-Z1C HVR-Z1E HVR-Z1J HVR-Z1N HVR-Z1P HVR-Z1U HVR-Z5E HVR-Z5J HVR-Z5N HVR-Z5P HVR-Z5U HVR-Z7E HXR-NX5E HXR-NX5N HXR-NX5U MPK-DVF4 MVC-FDR1(Digital Mavica) MVC-FDR1E(Digital Mavica) MVC-FDR3(Digital Mavica) MVC-FDR3E(Digital Mavica) NEX-FS100 NEX-FS100EK PBD-D50(DVD Player) PBD-V30(DVD Player) PLM-100(Glasstron) PLM-50(Glasstron) PLM-A35(Glasstron) PLM-A55(Glasstron) Q002-HDR1 UPX-2000(Printer)

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